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Touring Chain Conversion Kit, 1986-2006

Touring Chain Conversion Kit, 1986-2006
Harley XL Chain Conversion Kit CHROME Chain Colors Black Sprocket
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Conversion kit includes everything needed to covert your 1986-2006 5 speed belt drive to a heavy duty 530 O-ring chain:
This kit is for a stock size rear tire.

22T Front Sprocket and 48T Rear Sprocket is equivalent to the stock belt drive gearing.

When using a 21 Tooth Front Sprocket:
48T Rear Sprocket= 4% Deeper (Faster Acceleration)
49T Rear Sprocket= 6.5% Deeper - This is the same ratio as a stock chain drive 1985 FXRS
51T Rear Sprocket= 10.5% Deeper

When using a 22 Tooth Front Sprocket:
47T Rear Sprocket= 2.5% Overdrive (More Top Speed)
48T Rear Sprocket= Stock Belt Drive Ratio
49T Rear Sprocket= 4% Deeper (Faster Acceleration)
51T Rear Sprocket= 6% Deeper

Transmission Sprocket

  • Heat Treated Steel
  • 21 Tooth or 22 Tooth

Steel Rear Wheel Sprocket

  • Full thickness for 530 Chain, beware of other thin .25 thickness sprockets out there.
  • Steel Sprockets last longer than aluminum sprockets and are ideal for high load situations (Burnouts, Wheelies, High Horsepower Engines)
  • Black Powdercoat Steel or Chrome plated Steel
  • 48, 49, or 51 Tooth Available

530 Series O-Ring Chain, 120 Link

  • 9,700lbs Tensile Strength
  • Includes Rivet Master Link
  • Component designs optimized with computer analysis provides higher tensile strength.
  • Specially controlled heat treatment means tougher material.
  • Reinforced roller offers higher impact resistance and longer durability.
  • Available in Natural, Black or Gold

Belt to Chain Transmission sprocket spacer

  • Special made to use stock mainshaft seal with correct length for chain sprockets.
  • Included in all kits now.

Heavy Duty Chrome Sprocket Bolts Available

  • Extra Wide Torx Head
  • Includes Washers
Oil Pressure Gauge Adapter
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