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Triple Trees

The chrome plating is done locally by National Metal Finishing and is flawless, it has 3 hours of copper plating for durability and shine

Fork Tube Center to Center Spacing Info
39mm Stock                    7.000"
39mm Mid-Glide              8.437"
39mm Wide-Glide            9.875"

Using Big Twin 16",18", or 21" Front Wheels Requires Wide Glide Conversion Trees.

35mm Trees

39mm Trees

41mm Trees

49mm Trees



Replacement Fork Stems for Our Triple Trees
Part #: 3967
Retail Price: $40.00 save 10%

Stock Replacement Fork Stems, FXR, XL, Dyna
Part #: 3997
Retail Price: $81.00 save 7%

Stock Springer Replacement Fork Stem
Part #: 4166
Retail Price: $80.00 save 10%